by Mr B & Mr C

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Human beings are complicated collections of light and dark. Emotions, insecurities and issues. But under it all, every person is shit.


released May 6, 2019

Music and vocals by Mr B & Mr C. Mixed by Mr C. Recorded in Reynella, London and Angoulême.


all rights reserved



Mr B & Mr C SA, Australia

Destruction and anarchy on a lo-fi scale.

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Track Name: Introspection
I wasn't happy. I might have been depressed. Or I just wanted some adventure that never came. I don't know.

I thought a different job, one where I travelled, that might be the answer. So now I go to all sorts of place. I meet clients in the UK, Germany, China. I holiday in the Whitsundays, in 5 Star hotels. Dine at the most renowned international restaurants.

I fly high. I play big. I live the dream. All over the globe. I'm networked worldwide. Transglobal.

But it doesn't matter where I go. How far I travel. Where ever I am, I'm still... me.
Track Name: Selflessness
Terrorists and criminals, they besiege you the poor
But there’s no way that they can get in through our new back door
Don’t you know your safety is at stake?
Unless we might have to help those who we've locked away

It’s a sacrifice we will gladly make

Our opponents can’t be trusted to run this country
If they were in charge it would be a catastrophe
Our intent is to act with integrity
They won’t have to fight us if we fight amongst ourselves

Everything we do, we do it for you

You want to be safe?
Lock up the immigrants!
You want a clean world?
Coal is the answer!
You want a fair go?
No payments for the poor!
You want a government who cares?
Go look somewhere else.

Merry fucking Christmas
Track Name: Mistakes
Forgot your birthday
Dropped my favourite mug
Called out the wrong name
When we were making love

It’s not impossible
No matter how unlikely
But how will you react
When you piss on your own knee

Didn’t pay a power bill
Backed the car into the fence
Misspelled a word filling out a form
Brought the pegs but not the tents

Didn’t speak up about oppression
Stood by while Nazis took over
Waited for the weekend
To fill up my Range Rover

It’s not impossible
No matter how unlikely
But how will you react
When you piss on your own knee
Track Name: Problems
I wash in the river
So I can get clean
My problems washed away
Taken downstream

Cleansed is my body
Renewed is my soul
Though nothing yet exists
Which can fill this gaping hole

I strain to expel the darkness backed up deep inside
Bobbing just below the waves is where my darkness hides

I shit in the river
But I'm not unclean
Because all my turds
Float downstream

My concerns are all gone
And now that is that
Because someone somewhere else
Gets to deal with all my crap
Track Name: Maturation
Getting older now
I want to be a man
And I will get there
Because I have a plan

I’ve been told I have to grow
Taller than I’ve ever been
Right outta my clothes
The biggest man you’ve seen

In my room now
It’s my sanctuary
Where I will work
At becoming me

Now I can grow
Tallest that I’ve ever been
I’m outta my clothes
The biggest man I’ve ever seen

What do I do?

What is this thing I feel?
Am I now a man?
My muscles as hard as steel
This is far as I planned
I’m feeling strange
What’s going on down there?
Maybe I’m deranged
I think I am unprepared

Here I come
Rocket to space
Now a bad teenage moustache
Plastered over my face
Track Name: Acceptance
Suc Madiq said to me
We don’t need diversity
Everything is bound to fall
If we get political

O p i n i o n
I n t e n t
A c t i o n
J u s t i c e

Suc Madiq said to me
We don’t want equality
I don’t know if you heard
We all get what we deserve

Suc Madiq said to me
Suc Madiq said to me
Suc Madiq said to me
Suc Madiq 4 lyf
Track Name: Control
I don’t care how
I want it now
I don’t give a shit
You just bring it

Alcohol and coffee
It’s the stuff that fuels me

You can’t stop this
No matter what you wish
Though it might bring strife
The reason for my life

Alcohol and coffee
It is inside me
The fire in my belly
I do what it tells me

I feel my heart pounding
Going to explode
My guts are swelling
Ready to unload

My life goes by
Flashes before my eyes
A pair perfecto
I’m drowned in Affogato

Alcohol and coffee
It flows right through me
It is the monkey
That is in control of me
Track Name: Romance
It’s like something performed by Penn & Teller
There are those who think it’s real magic
But don’t be fooled it’s just an illusion
There’s a reason that they call it a trick

It's perplexing when it’s you in the spot light
How did it happen and you just didn’t know
You always thought that you were harder to get past
A real trickster won’t reveal their hand though

Fool me once shame on you
Fool me twice shame on me
What's done has baffled us all
How it works a mystery

It’s like something performed by Penn & Teller
There are those who think it’s real magic
But don’t be fooled it’s just an illusion
There’s a reason that they call it a trick

People say that there is something between us
There are those who call it relationship
But together we are yelling and screaming
Is this normal or are we just sick?

Fool me once shame on you
Fool me twice shame on me
What we saw has been destroyed
Broken by gullibility
Track Name: Independancy
All of us are our own people
We have problems that can be seen
We can’t escape they’re all around us
And they spew right from the screen

If we could give a face to our issues
We could confront them so clearly
Maybe if its someone we all know
Like that guy from the Big Bang Theory

6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
We are coming for you now, Wil Wheaton

All of us have an opinion
But we just don’t know how to act
Maybe focus is all that we need
For when we go on the attack

Please don’t mistake our intentions
We don’t want to be forced to fight
And he does have a soft side
When he wishes all of us goodnight

6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
We are coming for you now, Wil Wheaton
That’s us standing at your door, Wil Wheaton
Won’t you tell us what to do, Wil Wheaton
Lead the Revolution, Wil Wheaton
Track Name: Confidence
Netflix and chill
Is part of my vocabulary
I’ve just gotta find
Someone who will chill with me

Friends with benefits
They make an app for that
So who will swipe
Right on my portrait


Lonely housewives
Apparently can be found
But not so alone
That they’ll come around

Menage a tre
The ultimate sexy
It’s easy to organise
When it doesn’t include me

I’m a good guy
Females don’t understand
That’s what I tell myself
While I complain on 4chan

At my address
So why can’t I
Find much success?
Track Name: Identity
I’m so manly
I wish you could see me

All over sweat glistening
So I hope you are listening

A model of manly health
As I dig a big hole for myself

I’m so manly
But you can’t see me

As I sit in the dark at home
Reflecting on why I’m alone

Perhaps I’ve made an error
As I descend into existential terror

There’s a swelling inside me, but I push it down
I’m the alpha of myself so I don’t want to drown
Track Name: Exaltation
Watch me disappear
Over the next hill
Dust follows me to my eventual doom

One day I will die
Dead as dead can be
Who knows if this will happen soon

I'm surrounded by
All my family
We head towards the only light we can see

Convulsions wrack my world
As I jet into the unknown
What waits for me there?

And now here I come
As I came before
Searching for a home I do not know

Jostled by my kin
A stampede of the damned
Is it a natural urge that we follow?

Rising into view
Larger than a life
I’m not entirely sure what I expected

I have an uncontrollable urge
I am compelled to act
No one asked, no one gave me options
We just did as we were told

Did I get a choice in this life?
Track Name: Relevance
Marilyn Manson used to be edgey
Now he’s just a fat old man like me
Spending every day in shirt and jeans
Complaining about everything he sees

Are your heroes still heroes if they are just like you?

Tony Martin used to be funny
Now he’s just an old has-been like me
Trying hard to make another show
But can only listen to the radio

Are your heroes still heroes if they are just like you?

If your heroes aren’t heroes where does that leave you?
Track Name: Conclusions
I can’t tell what things are important
I can’t tell what facts are relevant
I can’t tell if the world is insane
I can’t tell if this gate is my plane

Mr B & Mr C
A litany of misery
Mr B & Mr C
People what can never be
Mr B & Mr C
Is there hope of breaking free
Mr B & Mr C
We shall see, boy, we shall see

I get the feeling that this is my fault
But I just don’t want to disappoint
I try to be a better person
But everything about me just seems to worsen

Mr B & Mr C
A virus from the giving tree
Mr B & Mr C
Shove them up inside of me
Mr B & Mr C
Tied up front then sets us free
Mr B & Mr C
The magic from your lynching tree
Mr B & Mr C
Are we real of fantasy
Mr B & Mr C
Who are the birds, are we to bees
Mr B & Mr C
Cthulhu level mystery
Mr B & Mr C
Nothing's going to make you happy

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